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Downtown Kelowna Earth Day Butt Grab

Friday, Apr 22, 2016

On Earth Day, April 22, 2016, the Downtown Kelowna Association will launch the Downtown Kelowna Butt Grab campaign!

The Grab aims to reduce harmful cigarette waste and create a healthier community by minimizing tobacco related litter in an effort to keep the environment free of toxic waste.

Only 10% of cigarette butts are properly deposited in ash receptacles—the least likely item to be placed in a receptacle

Cigarette waste is a leading polluter. According to the SurfRider Foundation, an estimated 4.5 TRILLION cigarette butts are disposed of in our environment annually worldwide. Cigarette butts never fully decompose are often littered on our sidewalks and streets. They leach toxins that are poisonous to wildlife and contaminate our water sources.

We encourage YOU to gather some colleagues and friends to clean up any cigarette butts. 20 minutes is all it takes to do your part to help with this Earth Day community clean-up effort.

While the MORE people involved and grabbing cigarette butts, the cleaner Downtown becomes. The MORE people pledging to not litter their butts, the cleaner Downtown remains. Our streets, sidewalks and alleys are not an ashtray.

For more information on the Downtown Kelowna Butt Grab or to tell us what you have planned or to join a group, email #DKButtGrab or visit

Friday, Apr 22, 2016
8:00am - 8:00pm
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