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KELOWNA Real Estate

McKinley Beach



Politically. Economically. Demographically. Personally.

Each and every one of us is searching for our own stable place in this new landscape. Our individual search, our own unique quest for truth is personal. But all quests are connected by the universal desire to live a better life.

More and more, this generation of seekers, like all those that came before, is discarding the truths of the past: blinding devotion to work at the expense of family, the pre-packaged so-called luxuries of the speeding marketplace, the assumption that concrete and steel will save us all. More and more this generation is looking back over their shoulder to a time when things were simpler. To a time when nature exerted a calming influence. To a time when family and community and quality-of-life were more central to our existence. When spending hours with the ones we love best ‘round a campfire wasn’t a special event, but a normal occurrence.

We are offering a better answer. Our community has progressed from dipping a toe in the waters of authenticity, to discovering the joys of complete immersion. People want to leave the hustle and bustle of life behind, to escape to a community that embodies the word ‘home’.

Come and find your new home, at McKinley Beach.

Contact Information

Phone: 250-980-5555
Address: 1508 Water Street, Kelowna, BC
Email: discovermckinleybeach.ca
Web Address: http://www.mckinleybeach.ca

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